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My Mom My Best Friend…

My all life I followed you,
In me I always saw you.
My life felt complete at day’s end,
In you I see my very best friend.
Years pass by without any frown or sigh,
I put you on a pedestal so high.
I start dreaming of my future too,
To have a caring wife just like you.
Her face would always shine,
With a smile she would forgive,
All silly mistakes of mine.
Like a raindrop on the roses,
She plant a kiss on my face.
I can never thank her enough ever,
But always pray to God for having her.
A friend with beautiful nature at the best,
So far she surpasses all and is better than the rest.
She knows me so well.
Whenever I am down she can tell.
Her one hug can break my mood fast,
Helping me to forget my dark past.
Unique is this bond we share,
And heavenly moments we share…


© 2012 Pimmi Nag