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She Loves You Still…

In this world we live with thoughts and promises,
Living feelings, going through emotions and hiding our faces…
Just because we cannot handle our emotions,
Without our knowledge we run into commotions.
Hurting words are thrown at each other,
We don’t spare anyone, even if she is our mother.
In our heart we know things will not be the same,
Because pride kills us and it is our ego that we aim.
In our heart we know there is only one person to blame,
Ego holds us back and we will keep sitting with our head in shame.
Think about it…
What every word we said, we really meant?
Look what happened to you today…
Sitting in the dark, with tears in your eyes,
Your soul is hurting you every minute passing by…
Your mother always cared for you, she can never change .. never will,
All it takes is a big hug and you will know she loves you still…

© 2012 Pimmi Nag