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My Hope…

It is a distant vision,
Dying dreams for me.
My soul tired,
Drowning and sinking.
Holding a silken thread,
Slipping from my hands.
Never want to give up,
Still holding on to hopes.
A hope that life would be fair,
Soon a warm summer is here.
A hope that I will feel the cool breeze,
All suffering will be gone and I’ll be free,
And things would happen the way I please.
I still have hope everywhere,
It is like a feather…
Gets lighter and lighter,
Each time my hopes are lifted..
It breaks my darkness,
Will see some sunshine,
Have a better tomorrow,
It is within me, It never dies…
It will always burn in some light,
Won’t let it go dim on times…

© 2012 Pimmi Nag