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My Angel…

Closing my eyes…
I may not be able to see you
I know you are here, somewhere
In my deep silence I feel you,
Feeling so empty and gloomy
In my troubled mind,
I hear your whisper,
Your voice, calming all my stormy waves.
You could never feel like me,
So far away from pain and sadness.
You may not even know what pain is…
But you felt mine.
You are my guide, my savior.
Guiding my thoughts,
Telling me things to do…
Still, free will is what you teach,
To be compassionate and empathetic.
Your presence always bring peace around me,
Snuggling me in my moods,
Sailing over my deep emotion.
I don’t know how you look
Where you are?
I don’t have to see you.
But your presence,
Is all what I care…

© 2012 Pimmi Nag