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Sitting on the same bench,
Looking at the ripples of the water,
Swayed in the boat of thoughts…
The cool breeze, touches my face,
Refreshes me of the time spent here.
I felt so warm like the sun,
Warm in my heart with your thoughts…
One goes and another comes,
Like butterflies in the blossoming garden.
Nothing was changed ever,
Everything was the same,
Nothing ended…
Suddenly the thoughtless birds ,
Shook out of the trees,
Snapping me out right away…
Who is my love, where is my love?
I guess I was dreaming…
For a moment it felt good,
Had found a reason for me being there.
His presence brought me happiness and joy.
His touch healed my sore soul…
Will he ever come to me?
Will be waiting for him till eternity,
To share my sorrows and ache in my heart.
It will be then, I would be breathing …
All my days and all my nights…

© 2012 Pimmi Nag