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This Story Forgotten…

It has never been said,
And never been read.
This story forgotten…
Now I am going to tell.
It is not false,
But not even true.
Only He knows,
I have no clue.
Where it was hiding,
All this time…
It is a strange happening.
What if he suddenly comes in your life?
He looks like a known  stranger,
But have never met him before.
No one knows ,
He is true or not real,
But seems so close.
The face is same ,
But never heard his name.
Are my eyes not true to me?
Who knows?
It could be my illusion.
He is close sometimes,
And next minute he is out of sight.
Why would I not speak to him?
Why would he not speak to me?
I do not doubt,
I was suppose to meet him.
But wait,
It could be my illusion.
No one to blame,
Everyone here lives in disguise.
On the surface of truth,
There are lots of lies.
This story is not a history,
The one I am going to tell,
Is a true story, which…
Was never been read,
And never been said….

© 2012 Pimmi Nag