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In You I See Myself…

I am all  covered by your love divine,
As beautiful symbol of love an architect fine.
You will find peace in here…
Talk to me, I can still hear.
I’m  within you your soul so fine.
Looking deep in there I see myself,
You are still same all mine.
I shine as a soft star in the night,
Feeling the gentle rain,
Can see your tears and pain.
Bringing me flowers, the love you shower,
No Mortal can see, but it is in my power.
I can smell them, feel the softness,
No match for your touch and caress.
I am those cool mountain winds that blow,
Still shine like a diamond on the snow.
Do not look for me here,
I do not dwell there,
Look within you,
Unheard by the world,
You can hear my whisper,
That is all I care.
I do not dwell here,
I did not perish, I did not die…
Don’t stand at my grave and cry…


© 2012 Pimmi Nag