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It is sometimes bright and sometimes foggy
The nights are bright and the day so dark.
Shadows of times are entangled in moments.
Sitting here, covering myself with my solitude.
Nobody near me, but what is near me,
Is your presence…
In the calm valleys there is a strange disturbance
Under the realities there are so many things untold,
Still have to unfold…
Whatever I see, is that a Reality?
Maybe yes, maybe not…
No one can control and hold the time.
Someone knocked  so fake,
The door of trust…
I was in heaven, quenched my thirst,
It didn’t stay long, the shine was gone,
All  now I see on me is rust…
Life is sitting with no hopes in this empty house.
The desires are soaring high in the dark clouds.
Even they are not happy to hold them long,
I can see all the bits and pieces of my desires,
In the rain fallen on the ground…


© 2012 Pimmi Nag