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The Rain…

The rain came dancing,
Listening to my music.
And the sheet of fog,
On my windows,
Is smiling at me,
As if …
Wants to say something to me.
The wind blew in some drops of rain,
Like colorful butterflies.
Singing and dancing,
Touching my face.
I am standing alone,
Holding these chain of beads.
She came to remind me,
May be bringing back some memories.
Where can I run?
Forgetting those warm days.
My eyes are still searching,
Who was here?
Who came to see me?
Shivering in the cold nights,
Sitting and waiting,
Asking everyone,
Did you see him come?
Searching in the clouds,
Waiting with my hands on my cheeks,
Sitting alone, waiting…
Drenched in the rain,
And with gloomy eyes.
Looks like she has entered my house,
Dancing , singing…
Flying with the wind,
To live with me…

© 2012 Pimmi Nag