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Inanimate Soul…

I take a walk ,
Under lofty skies.
Reversed there,
Abused my eyes.
I saw these other feet,
Close to touch or meet.
Came from another world,
Of light and darkness,
Heat and cold.
The skies so far,
Still you can reach me.
Your face like mine,
But cannot hear you.
Your body like mine ,
But cannot feel you.
I call you in pain,|
There is no answer
All in vain.
With me you like to walk,
But never hear you talk.
You stay with me,
Through out the light,
Go away in the night.
Walking with me,
Suddenly you absorb,
In me, you throb.
Oh my companion !
In you I see my self,
Walking on the earth,
I feel sky so bright,
The world so divine.
Your body is mine
Your face is mine
Your soul is mine…

© 2012 Pimmi Nag