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Shoo Shoo Shoo…

I am standing here at the ocean edge,
Watching the waves wash my silky feet.
Brought back beautiful memories,
Have been here so many times.
Time cannot rob me of my vision,
The breeze wipe up the dirt of time,
Reading the stories of you and mine.
The wave comes leaving the foam,
The essence in the air smells so divine.
It’s just not the wave,a memory of time.
My eyes staring at the line where the,
Sky meets the sea, merges into infinity,
And disappears into the land for eternity.
Standing there with thoughts so confused,
Feeling the ocean in my feet and sky above,
Thoughts were flapping live a captured dove.
I can talk to the ocean, hear Shoo Shoo
We may go one day and would be resting,
Forever under some hidden rock’s crack…
It is a lesson a teaching and revelation,
If only we have a vision to see and hear.
Infinite is here, the cycle goes on and on,
Breathing  again and again, time goes on.
This place of love stays, and same love,
Moves on to create and form the world.
You will go quiet but the ocean will still talk
In a Shoo Shoo language and will never stop…


2012© Pimmi Nag