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My Journey…

My journey began at early childhood,
Never saw things like others would.
I would get pleasure from small things,
Could fly seeing the birds and have wings.
Would dance looking at the butterflies,
My heart would bleed if someone cried.
The colors of nature would fascinate me,
Looking at rainbows, flowers and bees.

Then went pass my childhood to dawn,
A stormy life of heavy seas was drawn.
A period of sunshine came in between,
Had beautiful children never ever seen suns.
They brought me to the mountains high,
Close to me, cheer me whenever I sigh.
There the clouds saw me but pass by,
Looking at the lightning in the sky.

I see the world so clear and big,
Never in the past I would now dig.
I see the flowers blooming now,
They smell better , I don’t know how?
I see hope and courage in every petal,
I look at them and feel strong.
I shall depend on only one,
That will be me and me only one.

I will rise so high from here,
The blossoming garden that I have ,
Will keep it colorful is all that I care.
I will be standing so high alone,
But don’t worry not like a lonely soul.
I may be not like others, not the best,
God made me different from the rest.
I have now a smile away from tears…

© 2012 Pimmi Nag