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Moment Of Despair…

What happened in an instance?
My world became so dark.
Separated from you makes me feel,
As if separated from my own self.
I remember you all the time,
And get choked every moment,
Each time I breathe …
My breath becomes shorter and shorter.
Cannot imagine to live without you.
Who had thought that ever ?
You won’t be here and will see you never.
One day it will come all the moments,
Will be so lonely and empty than ever.
I am so restless and my heart going weaker.
Just lost in thoughts I am looking for you,
Every thing has stopped around me,
I do not feel the day, the night and air.
No life just the moment of despair
We were to be together forever,
Then why did we get lost ?
In the passage of breath…

© 2012 Pimmi Nag