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The Song In My Heart…

It had been hard.
Many obstacles faced,
Many boulders rolled,
Many hailstorms hurt.

The journey was a hard one.
My life was a frayed end of a string;
Things took a turn for the worse,
Then you came along…

A little flame on a cotton wick
In a lamp,
Braved the bellowing wind of insecurity.
A torch went aflame,
Igniting with it a long-lost passion,
Feeding a lonely soul with love.

The flow of feelings,
The muddling up of thoughts,
The mixing up of words,
An experience of a life never lived before,
An experience of a life with love in it,
Where the heart is the king,
The ruler till eternity,
The keeper of hushed whispers
Shared in the dead of the night,
The protector of the feelings
Aroused time and again
By the sweet verses recited,
The preserver of the promises
That can never be broken.

All that was harsh and brittle,
All that was rude and untrue,
Have no meaning in my life anymore,
They have no purpose to serve.
With you by my side, my love,
I am sure to conquer the world.

This feeling of heavenly bliss,
So new to my soul;
Makes me shudder at times,
With every gentle touch;
On an unknown part of me
That I never knew existed.
Which I am being shown
By your faith in me,
By your love for me.
The time that would have been
Had circumstances differed,
Would signify a barren land,
With no life or beauty.
Satisfaction and content
Are being shown to me now,
With the knowledge,
That you are around,
My friend, my love…
My Shadow…

© 2012 Pimmi Nag