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How can I take the tear away
That’s forming in your eye ?
How can I ease the worry
From your sad and mournful sigh ?
How can I prove my love for you
To calm your troubled heart ?
How can I hold you close
When we are so far apart ?
How can I purge the doubting
Long before it settles in ?
How can I show it’s ‘what WILL be’
And not ‘what MIGHT have been’ ?
How can I wrap my heart ’round yours
For it to feel so safe and sound ?
How can I make you believe
That it’s REAL what we have found ?
How can I show you all my dreams
And how they center around you ?
How can I make my words convince
That every one of them is true ?
How can I prove this wondrous bond
That nothing and no-one can sever ?
I can only pledge, my precious love,
That WE will be forever ….


2012© Pimmi Nag