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you are my ocean

You Are My Ocean…

Your essence washes over me,
Flooding me with emotion.
Your current grabs hold
And tosses me into a stormy sea.

Mystery lies deep within,
A vast body of life,
Where your soul swims with mine,
When we touch skin to skin.

Your voice calls out to me,
Seagulls singing in the ocean breeze,
A sad melody of yearning,
That longs for a special place to be.

With each deep breath I take,
Salty tears wrap around me,
Longing to be with you,
When I am asleep and awake.

Like diamond jewels of the night sky,
And grains of sparkling glass in the sand,
Your eyes draw me to a place of peace,
Where my heart fills with joy and I want to cry…

© 2012 Pimmi Nag