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Urban Heights…

Never satisfied we think,

About what life is like.

Every morning from our window,

We see beautiful clouds passing by.

They look so different than when I was on earth.

Landscapes merged with one another,

There was some brotherhood living with the neighbours.

Here the doors are so close and near,

But everyone is so lonely and live with a fear.

The song of birds cannot be heard,

In the loud stereo sounds and music.

The freshness of fruits and food is nowhere,

The fridges are full of drugged food and beers.

Nothing is clear and no one is dear,

All confused to know what is real,

When we are on verge to reach our goals,

Sense of remoteness brings darkness and shuts the door.

Like the computer button when pressed,

Deletes all to start again as fresh.

Our fingers keep searching for a button to press,

To make all right and we are contented and satisfied.

We forget our creation and our creator,

It is Him who operates us and not our computers…

Pimmi Nag
© 2018
Artwork Painted by
Pimmi Nag