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The Urban Dreams…

Morning filled with the freshness of dew drops,

The sky shines blue after the downpour on the crops.

This is the life full of blessings around the clock,

To hear the birds singing and chirping,

To witness the flying doves in a flock…

Everyone in resilient thespians in stellar roles,

Each one is a great player and a winner to soar.

Never contented with what we have in life,

We are just humans always greedy to get more and strive.

Suddenly the dark clouds are casted,

Choking our dreams and making us hear the roars.

The ears want to hear the music playing on heights,

A tall urban building sways our mind to take a flight…

To where the city lights shines much brighter than the stars,

Living in an overpowering energy at work,

People running around and traffic coming left and right.

There is no break from this chase,

No matter if it is day or night…

Living with the urban fears, we start living with new dreams,

Worrying for the future of kids start making more and more.

Save every penny for their future…

We denizens never think about what is their ambition.

We working like machines and they act like robots,

Forgetting the love of nature and living with compassion.

We try to create a whole new world,

Where the air is drugged and full of pollution.

Coming and living an urban life was not a right solution…

Pimmi Nag
© 2018
Artwork Painted by
Pimmi Nag