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Perfume Of Your Grace…

Sitting by the river of delights,
In the paradise of harmony and light.
Going through the old chapters of my book.
I wonder if I love you, respect you,
Adore you, trust you, or want you…
I wept when I sat down and wondered,
Each and every moment I remembered.
Oh God! Is it your soul I see in him?
Or is it a bond left incomplete?
I feel connected with him somehow,
It is your decision that I always bow.
You wrap me in the fragrance of the dawn,
The perfume of your grace,my fears are gone.
With the scent of your mercy,
I forgot my past, now no darkness last…
I buried my senses, everything I had
In this new bouquet you gave me in hand…


© 2012 Pimmi Nag