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Spring Is Here…

I see in the garden
Spring discloses
It’s  freshness
Gathers roses.
The warm sun ray,
Made the dark clouds go away.
Beautiful  warm breeze,
Made the frozen river cease.
I see the ducks in the sky
Coming home, a cheerful cry.
The land looks so beautiful ,
Dressed in a robe green.
As fresh as could be seen.
The lusty teeming Earth,
Bloom each hour with a new birth…
With leaves and blossoms now,
Freshly bourgeois in every row.
Every shoot from the heart of soil,
Breathing with a new hope.
Wait, just wait…
Listen to the heart beat of a butterfly
When meet a flower…
Dancing to the melody of river
In the nature symphony…

© 2012 Pimmi Nag