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Long Time Ago…

I have almost  forgotten my dreams.
My dreams were as golden as the sun
But now a dark wall rose in front of,
My dreams and me.
A wall so high touching the sky,
That I hardly can see.
I lie down here looking at the sky…
My dark wall is almost touching the sky.
There is no sun that I see,
All around it is as dark as it can be.
Then suddenly I see your shadow on this wall,
My hopes became stronger, much bolder.
Your whisper created music in the air
Is this a magic or your call?
I hear a thunder and felt,
The first drops of spring rain.
Smelt the fragrance in the air again.
The clouds parted and sun shined brighter.
Suddenly warm, soft breeze wrapped around me.
I hear a whisper in my ears…
Telling me you loved me,
Everything is going to be fine.
My dreams are still golden,
And would meet again in heaven…


© 2012 Pimmi Nag