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My Sugar Baby…

We are so far from one another,
Between a different time zone,
Caught between so many miles.
My existence can become severe,
Time may come when you fear.
Just feel and think of me..
I’ll be there, I’ll be there..
Close your eyes,I mean,
In your mind’s eye,
I am so close to you,
Never too far from you.
In your eyes, so sad and dull,
In this crystalline darkness
I’ll come like a moon..
Bring you bright light,
That shall guide your path.
Touch your beautiful face,
And you’ll feel the softness,
Of your sugar Mama’s face.
If you go outside and get wet,
I’ll kiss your forehead again n’ again,
And become that pleasant rain.
You go out in a day in your car,
Mama is sitting with you dear,
Will be never too far…
It is just a thought away,
But promise the day will come,
When you and Mama,
Will be together again…

© 2012 Pimmi Nag