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Mom’s Love For Eternity…

I know you lie here my son,
In the hospital in  the pain,
Where silence engulf the night.
Staring at my picture in hand,

And fire sat by your side.
Scorching your love and mind,
You see no one, to you so kind.
A terrible thunder’s roar shook you,
Your weak heart shook with fright,Looking for your mom’s arm in the night.
To hold you to her bosom and kiss you,
Saying she equally want to be close,
Near you and that she also miss you.
Do not fear my son, as world is cruel,
Far more than falling snow, heavy clouds,
And blowing wind,rain and thunder loud.
Be brave my boy, as the Nature smiles in Spring,
Laughs in Summer and yawn in Autumn…
You make me weep, it is fine…
I still pray for you to bless you ,
With happiness and love so divine.
With my tears I shall water the earth,
To dig the nature’s beauty so pure,
Bring beautiful flowers, that can cure.
They take away your pain giving you,
Fragrance in your life, then you reap my love,
You can see far as far your eyes can see.
Your mom will see you happy till eternity…

© 2012 Pimmi Nag