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Sorry Mama…

Ever since I left you my Mama it was hard for me to pass my day,
Now I got a chance to reflect, to think and I find myself lost in way.
My heart is torn and I am now crying for your love so true,
My heart aches and I am so lonely Mama without you.
You are not by my side, by losing you I lost all my ego and pride.
I am so sorry I let you go Mama, I am so incomplete without you,
Now I feel you are part of me, my breath and piece of my soul,
I want you back Mama, only then I will feel as complete as whole.
Wherever Mama you are come to me my world is torn into two,
The most beautiful time of my life was spent with you.
Even though you are at a distant, I know you can hear me cry,
I made you go through the same pain, but now to be a good boy I’ll try.
One thing I have realized now that my love for you will never end,
I want to hug you Mama kiss you and say sorry, Mama I am very sorry,
A warm hug from your Son, will make you happy and your heart will mend…

© 2012 Pimmi Nag