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Blessed Again…

In my life I am blessed again to love,
A beautiful kid sent from above.
I was living in a world of sorrows,
All fake, nothing good for tomorrow.
God heard me and took my pains away.
I have a beautiful reason now to stay.
With every beat of my heart I feel him,
He has a warmer place to now live in.
I am blessed with an amazing feeling,
I see angels smile at him while he is sleeping.
I see him talking to the angels by grace,
As I see a big smile on his cute face.
A sparkle in his eyes and tiny fingers,
I will hold to promise him my love and care.
He blessed me with my hand complete,
Four fingers I had and was missing a thumb.
My life is complete as he now calls me mom…

© 2012 Pimmi Nag