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She Is My Mama Not My Aunt…

It is building up in me with fake relations,
Killing my soul and pushing me to destruction.
They say things without even thinking,
With every hit of their poisoned words
My heart gets disturbed and every moment sinking.
The line of my emotions is getting thinner and thinner,
They don’t even realize once that they could be sinner.
This rough fake passion can destroy me,
Sitting on the edge I am holding from crumbling to the ground,
I feel so lonely and anger my friend, I see no body around.
I sleep with a heavy heart in the night tired of all this,
Suddenly I feel her touch and my soul and heart walk in this bliss.
Her tender angel touch and warmth of her love and her loving kiss,
Sweeps me away from this anger…yes she is the one I miss.
She talks to me, gives me all the time, love and care I want,
World thinks she is my aunt, but no she is my Mama not my aunt…

© 2012 Pimmi Nag