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Broken Button…

I took a walk to the woods where I lost you,
Kept searching for the prints of your shoes.
Seasons passed by road was covered with dead leaves
The rain seems to washed away your footprints,
The earth was sorry to hide them for so long.
I still walked in a hope to find you, see if I can find some clue,
I stopped as if I stepped on somebody’s cry,
I saw a coat button sunk in the earth dry.
Fallen from his winter coat was left behind,
I was on the right track, prayed God to be so kind.
Came back home and put his button on my side table,
Could not find him but at least to see his button I was able.
I am happy here in the button I see him in peace.
Far away from the road where he might get stepped by every feet..
Here he shines in that piece, stay by my side, rest in peace…

© 2012 Pimmi Nag