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Feeling Hopeless…

All my dreams are gone,
They took off in the wind.
Just like all the songs no one finished.

Nobody is kissing,
Everyone is sighing,
Tired and worn out from another useless day.

Every tear is done,
No hugs for anyone,
Just another song about another hopeless cause.

I no longer wish to live,
In this world of broken promises,
Where loved ones live in lies, then slowly fade away.

I just want to die,
And hope there’s some sort of heaven:
Over the rainbow, lie down in meadows.

There’s nothing left in the world.
All my dreams are gone;
I’m useless without them sleeping with me.

Goodbye, you stupid world,
Living for nothing, hoping for something,
When all you have to do is die to get your way.

I’m leaving tonight,
While the stars are bright,
So they can catch me in my tears.

Nothing to think after,
Nothing left to put on alter,
And fly me straight to heaven…

© 2012 Pimmi Nag