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Bad At Writing Love Songs…

I live my songs in dreams,
I’d love it if your mine.
For thinking of you, Every single minute,
And I wake up crying.
And wish you were mine,
I think of you.
Because I so love you,
I’d do anything for you to be mine.
I go week on my feet,
They never have a beat.
In our hearts of hope, our Happiness lies,
Two happy faces, four happier eyes,
While the pale moonlight shines down on the sea.
I’d like for instance to hold your hand
I would give myself to you on a golden platter
But there comes a time when words just don’t matter
I could say pretty words, could quote a few phrases
Time and again I’ve played along
I’m bad at writing love songs
But the Future’s not what it seems…

© 2012 Pimmi Nag