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Same Old Game…

Again and again and again and again and again
The day came you again played the same old game.
I remember few months back when we first met,
Never wondered about this relation as to what we’ll get.
The bond became stronger and stronger day by day,
Actually we were getting to know each other in a way.
You love me and I love you, and all this doesn’t make sense,
Fighting everyday and arguing, making problems is all nonsense.
I know I am not perfect as a human being can never be one,
I took you as a God’s gift for as you are and what you are my son.
We both know and felt our feelings are the same,
So just stop it, just stop playing these childish games.
You would not get anything out of it ..just pain,
Just remember when things break,
It leaves a crack and they are not the same.
I have seen people in pain, fighting in life and live in regret,
They lose their loved ones, but my son it is never too late yet.
I still like to hear you, listen to your innocent talk,
I still dream of one day that together we would walk.
We are honest to each other and keep our promises.
I would never trade you with anything possible,
Even though I am not your mother who gave you birth,
For me you are my son, my Heaven on Earth.
You know that and so do I know this thirst,
Everything in my life is second, but my son you come first…

© 2012 Pimmi Nag