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My Precious…

I am your mom, and I love you so much.
Because I care so deeply for you,
I will risk your love for us.
In order to do the right thing for you.
Please understand, I am not
Trying to limit your freedom
With the rules I ask you
To follow.

I am giving you guidelines for,
The important decisions
Every person must make…
From choosing the right friends,
To a reasonable hour to come home.
You may think I am too strict or demanding,
But I want you to develop the inner strength
And character that will carry you through,
And enable you to live a meaningful and fulling life.

I will certainly make mistakes as a mother,
Just as I did when I was a teenager.
I pray that me… and you… can learn
From our mistakes and grow through them.
I hope that I will not forget what it is like
To be a teen, and hope that you will
Forgive me when I do.

Someday you will understand what a special joy
It is for me to watch you grow,
Change and become the person
I know you will be…

© 2012 Pimmi Nag