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Mom I Will Always Love You…

Oh, Ali how the years go by,
Oh, You have grown into a smart boy,
I see the time certainly fly.
It was a dream,
You in my arms and
In my eyes gleam.
Although my body is cold,
But my soul is warm,
I see another hand coming to you to hold.
Trust as much as your mom,
She will be with you forever,
Time to come.
Right by your side,
Will always stand.
My little boy will be a gentleman.
She will hold your hand,
Help you stand tall.
Will pick up all the pieces,
In life if you ever fall.
No matter how near or far apart,
I am always right there in your heart.
To see you as a success,
To make sure you always get the best,
Don’t ever put your new mom to test.
Always remember no matter what you go through,
She is always next to you, and I am within you,
She will always love , and I will always love you…