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Dark World

Dark  World…

During the late hours at night,
When the day is gone and everyone is out of sight.
A pain soars high saying “I might. I might”
But the fact is…
There is no one to hold her tight.
No one to help her and alone she dealt,
No one by her side just pillow she felt.
It is dark in the room, but still she can see far
Her eyes dieing on her leaving dark scars.
In her life she never flipped those dusty pages.
She tried to unlock her heart locked from ages.
She wanted to fly like those morning doves,
Look beautiful and fresh like the flower buds.
She closed her eyes again,
Why in her heart she feels pain?
Her eyes are weak and the body so cold,
There is no one, no one to hold.
She shed tears and cry in the night,
The pain she feels so deep inside.
She needs just someone so near,
To make her smile and take away her fear.
Still waiting for that someone to hold,
Forever and forever till her body becomes cold…

© 2012 Pimmi Nag