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A Seaweed Web

A Seaweed Web…

Tangled in a web of seaweed
Is where I’ll lay my head
My uncontrollable everlasting desire,
I long to be tangled in the web.
As the never-ending night drifts by,
I hear my beckoning sea call to me.
Tangled in the murky water is where I’ll lie
I long to be asleep in the sea.
With reefs of coral surrounding me
I long to lay asleep…
In my ever comforting bed of the sea,
Changed to life again into seaweed I’ll keep.
The murky darkness calls to me,
His voice I cannot imagine and ignore.
The darkness of the water is where,
I’ll forever belong in the seaweed when I hear his roar.
So lay me in a tangled bed of seaweed,
That’s where I wish to lay my head.
This is my everlasting need
I long to be tangled in the web..

© 2012 Pimmi Nag