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“Aunty are you Okay”?

Today I speak my friend in time,
My eyes cannot speak the words.
This world is a complex place,
Sometimes your emotions are not heard.
It is amazing how the God’s grace,
Brought you so close in this phase.
A desire so unfulfilled to hold you,
To hold you chest to chest and hug you.
Unfortunately, between Heaven and Earth,
This new bond and a new relation’s birth.
Did not last long by people’s blinded spell.
But what could I have done in my defense,
Their dirty game was far beyond my sense.
Today she might be gone away,
But In my warm heart she still stays.
I can feel her arms around me,
She reassure me that she will be with me.
She is just a thought away if you say,
But when I close my eyes, I hear her say…
Hey aunty….” Are u Okay?”………….

© 2012 Pimmi Nag