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Most Sweetest Cookie “Sumiara”…

My “Sewera” my morning glory my new beginning of my new life…
From head to toe all dressed in pink and a small dimple on your chin,
Your love so pure, the divine beauty is far from this world of sins.
Your dark sparkling beautiful eyes are like the stars in the sky.
Your tiny fingers moving play the strings of my heart,
They like to hold on to everything, yes they always try.
Your tiny wiggly toes just right for you to suck and bite,
My eyes never get tired watching you play and fill up with delight.
You chew your fingers and drool all day and night,
I see you cut two teeth in your small mouth on the bottom left right.
Now my daughter looks so cute a precious sweet cutie pie
Would never trade her for anything my most sweetest cookie…

© 2011 Pimmi Nag