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It Was An Illusion…

It is a strange world we live now days,
Love can be so fake in so many ways.
I just gave you love and happiness,
You loved me too you did confess…
You might not be real but in my dreams you were…
I close my eyes every night for a dream,
I was always happy to see you there..
A strange love most impossible,
To my ending life time…
I close my eyes in my grave,
Seeing you in my memory,
And again you are mine…

Fallen in this pit of darkness,
A new place everything so still.
I think if anyone was there?
No it was me alone there…
Not a single soul that would care.
My mind always raced to find a solution,
But sorry it was too late, It was an illusion…
Not a single soul knows how I feel,
Just wanted him close to help me heal.
But as I fell into this darkness,
I see him all times closed in my eyes.
No need to count the days and nights passed by,
There is no need to feel sorry and cry.
Falling from faith or falling from love,
Please, Is there anyone above?


© 2012 Pimmi Nag