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Silence Under The Moon…

I be here or I be gone,
You will smell my fragrance,
From morning till dawn…

The flowers in all the colors,
Will still dance with the breeze,
My images in your eyes will never cease…

In every season you will see,
In every changing colors I will be,
With you in every shape my memories will be…

Your beautiful black hair …
Dancing to the music of the breeze,
Emitting my fragrance will not leave you in peace…

I do not remember when we first met,
Or the day you decided to leave and forget,
I was walking all this time on road paved on my heart..

Ignorant of my presence on this earth,
My earth and my sky was all in my heart,
Will walk all my life on this unknown road till my last…

Stepping on my ashes one day,
While walking when you have nothing to say,
Your rolling tears from your eyes will drop on that way…

There will be a strange silence,
Between you and the silver moon that day,
We will meet again each other in a very strange way…



© 2016 Pimmi Nag