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Amy love a shackle

My Love A Shackle ?…

My love for you,
Knows now shackles no bound.
Each time in your love,
More and more I drown.

You complain me today,
You want freedom.
Come what may,
No terms no conditions.

Yes, why not?
All these past years ,
You never listened to anyone,
All fell on deaf ears.

God brought you home,
Full of love and care.
You felt like screaming,
And felt chained to the floor.

My compassion and care,
Made you cry out of despair.
I am weary and weak,
Listen Oh ! Listen me speak.

Stop striving my Love,
I have that magic key.
That will unlock those shackles,
And can set you free.

One thing you must know,
As I set you free.
You are my apple so blessed I feel,
Given by God like an old rugged tree.

Do not fear like a captive one,
I am here today to unbind.
The shackles you feel that hold you,
And torment your mind.

My love I felt would,
Act like a balm.
Will remove all old scars,
Making you happy and calm.

Now your hope has returned,
Your shackles are gone.
Your life is renewed,
Like a morning at dawn…

© 2013 Pimmi Nag