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The Girl In A Mirror

The Girl In The Mirror…

This girl in the mirror everyday,
Stares back at my face.
I wonder who she is
As that is not the girl I want to be…

What a fake smile she has,
When in her life all is falling apart.
She doesn’t stop saying “I am okay”,
Even though pain fills her heart.

She pretends she doesn’t care,
When everyone walks away.
She hides her face behind the mask,
Pretending all is okay.

She is now so much scared,
To call anyone her friend.
They unfortunately turn out the same,
Never bother at the end.

A stranger in her own house,
She feels she doesn’t belong.
She tries to maintain the equilibrium,
But all seems to be wrong.

Her breath stops and she freezes at the word “love”
Everyone throws around too much.
She feels dizzy and her head spins,
As she is afraid to be touched.

She made plans for her future,
Some hopes and small dreams of her own.
She cannot hold her breath,
As disappointment is all she has known.

She asks, “Am I not good enough?”
“Why am I not the right choice?”
Some friends tell her to stand up for what she wants,
And should find her own voice.

I know who I want to be,
My head now is so clear.
But the fact of life is…
I’m the only girl in this mirror…

© 2013 Pimmi Nag