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As I See You Going...

As I See You Going…

As I see you going…
In the silence of dark night,
I am holding you in my heart.
The face has lost its charm and glow,
My eyes cannot stop the tears flow.

As I see you going…
Lonely and alone I am dying…
This heart didn’t know true love,
No God’s grace shine from above.
My mind lost all the will to dream,
No one can hear the deep soul scream.

As I see you going…
Here at journey’s end I lie,
Will not see the mountains high.
The flowers may bloom in the Spring,
But now will not hear any bird sing.
Life without you will be a dark night.

As I see you going…
Above the darkness will rise the sun,
The stars will shine in the dark sky,
But will not be able to tell the day is done.
Heart that now beat in my chest,
Will soon lie down to rest…

© 2013 Pimmi Nag