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Lost Love

Lost Love…

The story of love started so sweet,
A picture of true love…
Even though we didn’t meet
Time made it grow so strong.
Every page so colorful and bright,
Life was beautiful and all seems right.
But suddenly something went wrong.
The harsh winds and rough weather,
Never made us meet and live together.
He asked me to go find someone better,
How could I ?
When I could not see any further than his face.
My love walked out of the door,
Never asked God anything more,
He was my life, my reason to be,
But it was hard for him,
To feel my love or to see.
The hours passed like seconds,
And day like minutes…
I was so colorful in love,
But all I see now is darkness inside and out.
The pages of this love story went dark
No one will read this book
The red rose of love turned black
It lost its fragrance and color,
No one will ever know about her,
In a new world lost forever…

© 2013 Pimmi Nag