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Buried Dreams…

Through this cobbled road of life,
I walked with sore feet and in pain.
With a hope to find my way soon,
I feel I lost my way again…
Nothing seemed to change this world,
But my life changed at every step I took.
Kept a fake smile and kept walking,
Showing the world how strong I was by my looks.
I open my heart to myself alone,
As no one is there to share my pain.
A cry my heart loud…
With tears flowing like rain.
I write these words giving me some peace,
A freedom of thought as you can see…
But why would they mean anything to anyone?
They have right to hurt you even more and have fun…
My dreams are with me to stay and end,
Why would anyone make them true for me to contend?

© 2012 Pimmi Nag