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A Journey From One End To The Other…

Listened to my parents,
I married too young in life.
I was coached to be always,
A caring and loving wife.
Did not know what love is at that time,
Thought it will develop one day and all will be fine.
Years passed by to find the love in my life,
Things just dragged to future for a while.
With children two and one on the way,
Left me with no life till the end of a day.
My fate closed the door on my face,
I lost my smile for ever in a day…
With three kids and heavy heart I took the door,
For I thought I do not deserve in life anymore.
Soon after I was shown another cared for me,
To ignore my past he will now take care of me.
But with a baby conceived he went his way,
A new woman he went with found in one day.
It was my mistake I married him thinking the best,
He ruined my life and the kids failing in every test.
A new journey alone started with me again,
To raise my children in best possible way.
As career oriented I was, wanted to give then the best,
Alone I worked hard and did a good job to pass every test.
Each one graduated well and stood proud in the world,
They all chose their path and moved on in their life without a hold.
Alone I was once again all men out of my life,
Once again I start seeing my old days of sorrow, hardships and strife.
Questioning myself is that the reason I came to this world,
Just sacrifice yourself for others and die alone as when you are old?

© 2012 Pimmi Nag