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You Walked In My Life…

Like the sun so lifeless and without a shine,
This is how love was at the back of my mind.
But then you brought me light from the heaven …
So strong and spiritual…
You walked into my life unexpectedly and lightened my soul
I felt somehow so complete and whole.
Your smile, every innocent word from your mouth,
Your warm eyes and laughs became part of my life.
We kept unfolding ourselves without knowing…
And we came so close to each other,
Making a special place for each other in our heart.
When I am with you this world just leaves,
From my mind and from my dreams..
Taking me to a whole new world,
So beautiful and so sweet…
My heart just melts there in the divine light.
Love is so beautiful I just came to know this,
When you walked in my life like a bliss…


© 2012 Pimmi Nag