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I Am Born Again…

They were not just words that we shared,
It was our hearts that were compared.
The grace of God showered His love on us,
That brought us together so fast in a rush.
It was not nonsense moments we spend
It was not a guilty feelings that we regret,
A beautiful world we built together as we met.
You are living in me as a sweet dream ,
I cannot imagine all of this…
I lived before too but not as I did with you.
My feelings bloom with your kisses and touch,
A river of passion flows in my body as I love you so much.
The feelings I cannot stop or separated from my mind & heart,
I relive once again with every moment we meet,
I am born again with our breath,
We take together with one heart-beat.
It was not a nonsense moments we spent,
As so many seasons witness this and went.
You are beyond any comparison,
No one can compare your passions…

© 2012 Pimmi Nag