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Perfect Piece Of Puzzle…

Your whisper reaches my ears through the wimd,
Patiently I listen to the lesson which motivates my spirits.
I found a warm place now to live,
In your eyes I find the heaven beneath.
In these eyes I trust my life,
Who knows you could be my wife?
The depth of this friendship,
Will protect me from all the storms.
An unbreakable thread,
A unique and a strong bond.
I lift my eyes up in the sky,
The dark clouds clear the sun passing by.
This unconditional love paved my path so clear,
I now see my dreams, my future coming so near.
My life was scattered like the pieces of the puzzle,
Her soul so much alike fits so to well make up this puzzle.
I silently whisper to God to thank him for this precious gift,
Will cherish it life time and will not let it get lost in the mist…

© 2012 Pimmi Nag