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Wings Of My Dreams…

Swiped from the world around,
By the tempest of your divine love.
I like to be in the heaven above,
Come plunge me deep in your love.
The wings of my dreams fly so high,
The cool breeze creating music and
Words of magic flow in my poems.
Some broken words here and there,
Softly all bright days and dark nights,
Change my sorrows into a song.
Like a tree is loaded with ripe fruit.
Now this tree of love is full of songs,
If you ask me to give you one,
I cannot give you non
They do not belong to me.
But after the dusk if you wish,
In the gray hour when moths go to and fro,
You can sneak and have one,
As then no one will know…

© 2012 Pimmi Nag