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So Still, So Alone…

The week started ugly,
Downright torturous and scary.
Nightmares came sweeping my brain,
A cold night of shower, thunder and rain, 
Brought the repeats from dusk to dawn…
Tears rolled my cheeks all day and night,
For me there was no life , no light.
My blur vision made be suffer,
In my own mind I was trapped.
Thinking to reality I soon fall asleep..
But No…started to dream again,
The cycle started again of that pain.
Went for a dip and after water works
Was tired again…
Each night nightmare was worse than the last,
They were all the same, was unable to forget the past.
All the things disappeared,
People I loved left me,
Now at the end of each one,
I stand here so still so alone..

© 2012 Pimmi Nag