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Stuck In A Vacuum…

What is so new if I thought of you with love
It is a thought I had yesterday, today and will last forever…
Sitting in silence for others, I am busy talking to you in my heart,
Any reason If I can gather which made you leave me and part.
Your memories are all what I have and you gave me,
There is no other way I can see you or I can be with you.
Where are you and how can I reach you I do not know
As you never trusted in me enough and gave me nothing,
That I am able to find you somehow…
Maybe that is what you always wanted to do,
To love me from far and God only knows if that was true…
With you in my heart I am stuck in a vacuum,
Unable to find myself why I am there and I am waiting for whom…

© 2012 Pimmi Nag